3 Plant Watering Myths

You may have taken the time to grow flowers and other plants to make your yard look beautiful and inviting. Part of keeping your plants alive and looking luscious is making sure that they have plenty of water. But even with good intentions, some people actually water their plants incorrectly. Continue reading to learn about some myths and how you should really be watering your plants. Myth 1: Plants Need an Inch of Water a Week

Two Different Ways To Repair Asphalt

Asphalt is used in many places. It's used for driveways and roads. Sidewalks are also often made of asphalt. This petroleum-based material is generally fairly durable. Once it gets applied, it can last fairly well. However, even with the fact that asphalt can last for some time, it can and will start to break down. When that happens, it's time to start doing some repairs.  How to Repair Asphalt There are two different ways to repair asphalt.

5 DIY Etching Solutions For Marble Countertops

Marble is a relatively soft stone that is prone to various marks due to its calcium, carbonate makeup. A common complaint among owners of marble countertops are markings known as etches. Etches on marble or other natural stone appear as water spots, rings or a light discoloration. This etching occurs upon contact with various acidic foods and beverages, such as wine, soda, coffee, and alcohol.  It is actually a type of corrosion that essentially eats away at the marble.

What To Do When Your Bathtub Drain Gets Clogged

Have you noticed lately that when you take a shower, you find yourself standing in a couple of inches of water? This is a sure sign your drain is clogged or backed up. How do you know if you can fix it yourself or when you should call the plumbing professionals? Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands If you want to take matters into your own hands, there are a few things you can try.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets With Glazing

If you want to update the look of your kitchen cabinets, glazing is an inexpensive way to do it. Glazing will darken your current stain, give them an antique look, and create depth in the finish. It is an easy job, and can be done in a weekend. Follow the steps below to have great looking cabinets in your home: Preparation Take everything out of cabinets that you are glazing, and then unscrew the hinges to remove the face off the cabinets.