Why You Need A Corrosion-Resistant Industrial Coating On Steel, Even When It's Galvanized

Corrosion is a major problem with structural steel, even in relatively dry environments. Steel rusts very quickly compared to other metals because of the way that it interacts with oxygen in the air. When steel oxidizes, the iron oxide that's formed immediately spalls and flakes away, exposing more steel to the air. Rust can quickly spread through steel structures, compromising their strength and integrity. In order to combat this, many steel producers coat their steel products with zinc in order to produce galvanized steel.

The Key Benefits of Choosing Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation for Your Attic

A well-insulated attic is a good attic! But what qualifies as a well-insulated attic? As well as being an attic with enough insulation, a well-insulated attic is a space with the right type of insulation. Open-cell spray foam, for many, is the right type of attic insulation. Take a look at its key benefits below. 1. Open-cell spray foam can lower your heating and cooling bills. Open-cell spray foam has a higher R-value than many other types of insulation, such as fiberglass and cotton.

Three Things A Home Owner Should Know If They Just Bought A House With A Well Water System

If you just purchased a home with a well water system, and you have never had this type of water source before, you are likely to have questions about it. The most important thing to know about a well water system is that it requires water system maintenance. The following are a few things that may need to be done. You may need to have your well inspected The well should have been inspected before you bought the house or at least have had the water tested, but this isn't always done.

How Can They Replace A Sewer Line Without Digging A Trench?

In order to fix a pipe located far below ground, one would have to dig up the pipe, right? Not necessarily! As it turns out, the process is simpler than it might seem. There is a newer and more advanced sewer line replacement or repair procedure called "trenchless sewer repair," and the great thing about it is that it won't leave a big ditch in your yard. Most homes are candidates for this type of repair.

4 Reasons Directional Drilling Is Used Instead of Standard Drilling

For many years, standard drilling has been the go-to method for installing everything from pipelines for oil and gas to water lines. However, standard drilling involves going only one direction, which can generate a lot of limitations. Directional drilling involves using equipment that can drill in various directions, and there does tend to be certain situations when this method of drilling makes more sense. Here is a look at some of the reasons directional drilling is often used.