Rock Breaking 101: An Introduction

Rocks are a natural part of the ground in most places, and normally, they can stay right where they are without causing problems. However, when you have a massive chunk of stone hanging out in an area of your property where you plan to do some work, these giants can be problematic. Rock removal companies use heavy equipment to break up and remove these rocks. Here is a look at some of the things you may want to know about rock removal. 

Do explosives have to be used to break rocks?

Some clients have concerns about using explosives to break up large rocks because they do not want to disrupt an existing foundation on the ground. Likewise, explosives cannot be used in areas where there is a dense collection of other buildings surrounding the rock. Explosives do not always have to be used to break up large rocks; there are other methods that can be used to break up large rocks in areas where explosives cannot be used. Drilling and breaking the rock into several smaller pieces is sometimes a possibility. 

Why do large rocks sometimes have to be broken up and removed?

There can be several reasons to break up and remove rocks. For the most part, these rocks often have to be removed before construction projects. For example, if a large boulder rests in the ground were a concrete foundation needs to be poured, the rock will have to be removed so it does not interfere. Some other situations when a rock may have to be removed include the following: 

  • If a rock is pushing in on an existing foundation 
  • If a rock is being pushed upward by shifts in the ground and threatening a structure
  • If a rock is preventing certain landscaping projects 

Can you keep the large pieces of rock after they are removed?

If you have a large rock that you are having a rock removal company take out of the ground on your property, it is your choice if you would like to keep it. Some people like to place large sections of rock in their landscape as a visual feature. Some people like to keep a bit of the busted rock to use as gravel. Therefore, you can just let the contractors know what you would like to do with the rock once it is removed, and they can help you do whatever you wish. 

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