Is Your House In Danger Of Flooding? Contact A Professional Surveyor To Find Out

Are you looking to buy a new house in the near future? If so, you likely have a variety of things to worry about, but one thing that may be overlooked is whether or not your home exists within a potential flood area. To assist homeowners with determining their flood risk and purchasing a flood insurance policy, the government offers what is known as a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate, which will lay out the facts in writing. Here's what you need to know about the dangers of flooding in your area and why you might need to contact a boundary surveying expert to help.

FEMA Has Basic Information on Your Area But Not the Specifics of Your Property

The government maintains what is known as a flood insurance rate map for parts of the country that are prone to flooding. This document lays out which areas are considered to be especially high risk when it comes to flooding. While this document can certainly be helpful, it might not account for the specifics of your individual property. The only way to figure out exactly what your own risk will be is to hire a professional.

Boundary Surveyors Handle Flood Certificates Too

You probably know that boundary surveyors are often used when someone wants to figure out exactly where their property begins and ends. But most boundary surveyors are also adept at assessing flood risk. You can contact a surveyor to help you find your property's exact location on the FEMA Flood Map and then work to figure out what the specific risk to your new home will be.

A Boundary Surveyor Can Save You Money

The reason you need to have your property assessed by a professional is that insurance companies often base the premium rate that they charge on the information provided by the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map. Contact a surveyor and you can be issued an official FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate which will note exactly what the risk of flood is within your area. This information could differ from what the insurance company has on file. Maybe the Flood Map isn't entirely accurate in your neck of the woods or maybe the surrounding land has changed over time. Obtaining this certificate thanks to a surveyor could convince your insurance company to offer you a better rate.

Before you close on your house or property, do some additional research if you believe your house is located in a flood-prone area. Obtaining a flood elevation certificate by working with a professional surveyor could help lower your insurance rates in addition to giving you peace of mind. Contact a professional surveyor today for more information.