When Your Springs On Your Garage Door Need Help

A number of problems can go wrong with your automatic garage door and its components. From a burnt out motor to an uneven track, knowing what is wrong with your garage door can help you decide if it is time to contact a professional or not. If your garage door won't open (or it won't stay open), you may need to have the springs that hold your garage door open repaired. Any slamming noises when your garage door opens or closes manually can indicate a problem. If you hear strange noises coming from your garage door system as it opens and closes, it's time to investigate further.

When Your Door Slams Open

If your automatic garage door springs are too tight, they will pull your door too hard as it opens. This can result in a slamming or banging noise when your door is open all the way. If the springs are too tight, they are at a risk of snapping. Don't adjust your garage door springs on your own as this is a dangerous job and should only be done by a garage door spring repair expert.

If Your Garage Door Motor Is Straining

When you open your garage door, you may hear the motor straining as it works to open the door. If this is the case, the tension springs could be too loose on your door. When the springs are loose, the motor has to work extra hard to open up the door. This can burn out your motor early and cost you additional money in repairs.

If Your Door Doesn't Stay Open

Problems with your tension springs are also apparent when your garage door won't stay all the way open. If your door shuts slightly after you open it, this is because there is an issue with the springs. This is dangerous, as a spring can snap and cause the door to slam down hard.

When Your Garage Door Is Hard to Open Manually

Your garage door should open with only a few pounds of pressure when you try to open it manually. If it's any harder than that, your springs aren't helping you open the garage door and need to be adjusted.

You should never touch your garage door springs on your own. They are tightly wound and can cause you harm if you don't know what you are doing. Call for professional help when you believe your garage door springs need repair.