Do You Need A New Metal Roof?

When your roof is in need of repairs, you should have them done as quickly as possible. A metal roof, in particular, can be hard to tell if it needs work because of the streamlined way the materials are applied to your home and the long-lasting appeal of this style of roof. Here are signs your metal roof needs to be repaired or replaced. A new roof will bring you decades of safe home coverage.

Bent panels

Bent or damaged roof panels are a sign that parts of your roof need to be repaired or replaced. Your metal roof is designed to withstand many weather elements, but some things can damage the roof irreparably. If a large branch or other object lands on your roof or your roof is unexpectedly struck by lightning or massive hail, then the panels will become bent, warped, or otherwise damaged as a result.

Your roof is designed with the roofing panels overlapping and connecting to one another for full roof coverage. If a few panels are affected, your entire roof likely won't need to be replaced. The affected panels will be repaired or replaced to make your roof sound again. However, if your roof has been destroyed to the point where there is a hole in your roof that goes into your home's foundation, more extensive repairs need to be made.


Galvanized steel usually won't rust, but if you have plain steel roof paneling that is unpainted or untreated, the area will eventually succumb to moisture damage. You'll see rust stains going down the side of your house or notice discoloration in your rooftop materials if the metal is corroding.

The chances of keeping some parts of your roof if corrosion is the problem are slim. In fact, your roofing structure underneath your metal roof may be damaged as well, and you may need to replace the foundation under your roof — above your attic — in addition to having roofing repairs made. Your roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your roof's exterior and the structure underneath to see how much water damage there really is.

Do not try to replace or repair your roof on your own, even if you have done roofing projects in the past. Your metal roof needs professional care to ensure a quality finished job that will last. Hire a residential roofing contractor that specializes in metal roofing to take care of your roofing project for you.