3 Soil Erosion Solutions For Homeowners

The topography of your property can pose a real challenge if your landscape includes many slopes and hills. Sloped surfaces often experience high levels of soil erosion, making it difficult to maintain the landscape properly.

Erosion control is an important task for homeowners with sloped properties. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions you can use to help control the movement of soil on your property in the future.

1. Create a series of terraces

One of the ways that you can control soil erosion on your property is through the construction of a series of terraces in sloped areas. Terraces help to minimize the severity of a slope by creating numerous flat surfaces along the face of the slope.

These flat surfaces are less likely to experience soil erosion, making them a great solution for your erosion control problems. Terraces can be beautiful landscape features when you add flowers and shrubs to the flat surfaces. Plant life will further prevent soil erosion and transform your home's landscape.

2. Build a retaining wall

Retaining walls are specifically designed to hold dirt and water in place. A well-constructed retaining wall proves a physical barrier through which soil cannot pass. Any soil that moves down the sloped surfaces in your landscape will hit the retaining wall, preventing serious soil erosion.

Retaining walls serve a practical purpose, but they can also be beautiful landscape features. Natural stone, wood, and other attractive materials can be used to construct your retaining wall, ensuring that erosion control doesn't compromise the aesthetic of your yard.

3. Use a quality landscape fabric

The root systems of many plants can help hold soil in place. To ensure that the foliage you plant on sloped areas in your yard has a chance to become established before soil erosion occurs, you should use a quality landscape fabric prior to planting.

Landscape fabrics are breathable materials that help to hold soil in place until a plant's root system has time to take hold. Using a quality landscape fabric on your sloped property can help you reduce soil erosion and increase the health of any flowers, shrubs, or plants that you want to grow in sloped areas.

If your property has sloped areas, you need to consider the most effective way to control soil erosion carefully. Terraces, retaining walls, and landscape fabrics can all provide viable solutions to help hold the soil on your yard's slopes in place. For more information, contact a company like Specialty Construction Supply.