3 Benefits Of Screened-In Backyard Enclosures

If you have a patio or deck in your backyard, you may enjoy the open-air appeal of the space and be unwilling to enclose it with glass or another material. However, there is a material you can use to partially enclose the space without really making it feel like an indoor space: screens. Here are three benefits of screening in your backyard enclosure.

1. Mosquitoes will stay away

Mosquitoes can quickly ruin a summer party with their itchy bites. And they are not just annoying -- they also spread diseases like West Nile Virus and malaria. Methods, like lighting citronella candles and spraying your yard only, do so much, and you may not want to expose yourself to all of the chemicals in these pesticides. A screened enclosure will prevent mosquitoes from bothering you when you're on your deck or patio, and it will do so safely without the need for chemicals or candles. Make sure you choose a fine screen mesh to keep these tiny bugs at bay.

2. You don't have to worry about leaves and debris

Sweeping leaves and other debris off your patio can feel like a full-time job. And if these leaves get wet, they can stain the patio and also become slippery when you step on them. The screen enclosure will keep the leaves from falling on your patio, so you do not have to do as much cleanup. The leaves that land on the screen will usually tumble to the ground, falling in piles around the screened enclosure. In this manner, they are easy to sweep up into a pile and dispose of.

3. You can enjoy more privacy

Some screens are made so that they partially obstruct the view through them. If you look through the screen from your spot on the patio, you will be able to see nature clearly. But someone looking into your patio from the outside will only be able to see a faint outline of whatever is on the patio. This makes your patio a more private area, so you don't have to feel self-conscious if you wander onto it wearing your pajamas or a bathrobe. If you have nosy neighbors or live in a busy condo community, privacy screening is a top choice. 

Patio screening is easy for a contractor to put onto your home in an afternoon. Once it is in place, you will wonder why you did not take action sooner. Contact a company like Colonial Construction for more information and assistance.