Two Tips For Preparing For Tree Removal

Trees perform an important function in the world. Not only do they provide oxygen, but they can also help reduce your home's energy consumption by keeping the building cool with their shade. Sometimes, though, it becomes too dangerous to let a tree remain on site, so it's necessary to have it removed. Here are two things you need to do after hiring a tree removal company to prepare for the big day.

Obtain the Necessary Permits

One important thing you must do before getting the tree removed is to obtain any permits required for the process. First, depending on the tree's size, large machinery may be needed to remove it. Generally, the tree removal company will obtain the permits necessary for this aspect of the process. However, you may need to get permissions from your local HOA to allow the machines on the street.

Additionally, some local governments require homeowners to obtain permits to actually remove any trees for a number of reasons. Some cities want to keep as many trees erect as possible to help combat pollution. For others, trees are an important part of the community's aesthetics.

And for still others, certain trees may be protected and require permission to remove. For instance, historic and heritage trees typically have unique and noteworthy attributes the government values, and there will be ordinances preventing people from tearing them down for invalid reasons.

Thus, you should check with your local government and HOA to determine if there are any rules governing the trees or tree removal in your area and obtain the necessary permissions.

Take a Company Rep on a Tour of Your Yard

Another thing you need to do prior to having the tree removed is to take a company rep around your yard so they can see how it's laid out. This will help them plan out the best way to approach the task of removing the tree, particularly when there's machinery involved. Be sure to point out any objects in your yard that may be damaged during the process. For instance, let the person know the location of sprinklers so the workers can avoid damaging them when they enter the yard.

Additionally, this is a good time to ask the company about its policy if something does get destroyed while the workers remove the tree and how to submit a claim. You should also take pictures of the area at some point before the date of your appointment, just in case you need to prove something was damaged by the company.

For more tips on preparing for your tree removal appointment, contact a tree removal company, such as Stritar Construction & Tree Service.