Custom Solutions For Privacy And Security For The Front Of Your Home

If you want more privacy and security for your home, installing a fence and gate for the front entrance of your home can be a good solution. Features like custom gates and combinations of fencing materials will give your new front entrance a personalized touch that adds to the appearance of your home. Here are some options you will want to consider to make your front entrance attractive and functional:

1. Using A Brick and Wrought-Iron Design to Have Privacy with A Custom Look

The front of your home is an area where you will want to have an attractive fence. Materials like chain link and conventional wood picket fencing offer little for the aesthetics of the entrance of your home. For more of a custom look for your new fence and front entrance, consider using brick materials. The brick can be a partial height, and then, the top half of the fence can be finished with a wrought-iron fencing material.

2. Installing Electrical and Lighting for The Fence in Front of Your Home

Electrical and lighting installations are also improvements that you may want to consider for the fence in front of your home. The fence in front of your home can include outdoor outlets, wiring for communications and security systems, and landscape lighting. To do this, use columns and have conduits run inside the masonry features or in a trench at the base of the fence. The wiring inside the fence conduit can also be expanded on later when you want to add or change features.

3. Choosing from Different Custom Gate Options, Openers, and Monitoring Equipment

The entrance of your home will need to have a gate. Custom gates can be made to give the front of your home a personalized design. In addition, you will need to have mechanical components such as an opener and monitoring systems. You can have video and intercom systems installed to allow you to see who is at the gate before you open it. In addition, you may want to have a remote control or number keypad to unlock and open the gate.

These are some of the custom features that can help improve the installation of a front entrance with fencing and custom gates. If you are ready to complete your front entrance, contact a custom gate service like Carter Fence Co and talk with them about the gate design and an opener for your new entrance.