The Enduring Beauty Of Wrought Iron Fencing

With the Industrial Revolution, wrought iron fencing was no longer required to be hand forged. Mass production meant more people could afford it. In the ensuing years, wrought iron fencing has come to represent a timeless, classic style, perfect for Colonial-style, Victorian, and other traditional homes and landscaping. Here's are a few things to contemplate if you are considering a wrought iron fence for your home.

Just as each style of fencing, whether it be wood, chain link, vinyl, or PVC, has its own distinct benefits, so does wrought iron fencing.

  • Strength

Wrought iron fencing is extremely strong. It is virtually impossible to break, and for this reason, can easily last a lifetime or more with proper care. It also provides excellent security as it can't be easily breached like a wooden fence can by removing a board or two or simply climbing over.

  • Versatile

The decorative style options are virtually limitless. The spacing between pickets, the picket style, decorative accents between the pickets, finial style, and post caps are all easily customized. This makes it easier to choose a style that complements your home's exterior and landscaping. Extra security can also be had by choosing a finial style, the ornament at the top of each picket, that would discourage a potential intruder from attempting to scale your fence. Most would-be intruders think twice when they see they could easily impale themselves.

  • Visibility

A wrought iron fence surrounding your property won't block your view of the outside world around you. If your property abuts a nature reserve, lake, waterfront, or has mountain views, you don't want to cut yourself off from enjoying the natural beauty. Wrought iron fencing allows you to still appreciate the view without sacrificing security.

Care And Maintenance

As with any type of fence, routine maintenance is required to keep a wrought iron fence looking its best and in good working order.

  • Keep It Clean

Wash your fence twice-yearly with a mild detergent and water, using a gentle brush where needed. Rinse with a low-pressure garden hose. In addition to making the fence look shiny and new again, a thorough cleaning can help you discover any potential wear areas over the years.

  • Repair Rust Spots

If you find any tiny areas of rust when cleaning your fence, remove with steel wool and then seal with a special sealant. Finish with a paint touch-up.

  • Be Careful When Doing Lawn Work

While wrought iron fencing is extremely durable, repeatedly bumping it with the lawnmower or weed whacker will naturally eventually cause damage.

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