How To Use Your Old Carpet

Whether you have replaced your old carpet with new carpet or pulled it up and refinished the hardwood floors underneath, you have a lot of old carpet on your hands. You can haul it to the landfill or have your flooring specialist take it, but that is hard on the environment. In fact, old carpet can take up to 20,000 years to degrade. You can use your old carpet around the house instead of buying other materials for certain tasks.


Instead of investing in new padding, you can cut your old carpets into strips or squares. You can nail strips to the wall of your garage to protect your car door from scratches and dings. If you garden, you can fold up a square and kneel on it while you do your tasks. Old carpet squares also make wonderful yoga mats. You can also make your own coasters to protect your furniture. In fact, you may not have to buy any padding for years.


Your pets can really benefit from your old carpet as well. You can use pieces of carpeting to insulate the dog house. Simply nail the carpeting to the interior walls, and your pet will have a snug place to visit during cool weather. Plus, your pet won't care that the carpeting has a few stains or worn spots. You can also use these strips to make your own scratching posts for the cats or simply recover your current posts.


You can give your old carpet a second chance by searching for a facility that will recycle it for you, creating a variety of products, including shingles. Most will charge you a few cents per pound for this service, but you can feel good about protecting the environment. If your old carpet is in decent shape, you may be able to donate it to charity. Many people would be happy to have adequate flooring in their homes. Some charities may even come to your home to pick it up. Either way, you are giving new life to your old carpeting.

While you are certain to enjoy your new or refinished flooring, you don't have to discard your old carpets. You can find dozens of uses for them, some that will save you money. If you want the carpet completely out of your house, consider recycling or donation before you place it in the landfill. You have no reason to simply discard the old carpet without repurposing it. Click here for more information.