Your Pop-Up Camper Has A Ripped Window Screen? How To Fix It Even While Traveling

It is summertime, and you are camping on the road. If you have a pop-up camper, you know how important it is to maintain these unconventional pieces of camping equipment. It has a lot of screens, and when one is torn, you could be fighting off bugs, mosquitoes and even critters during the night. If you have suffered a torn screen while traveling, here is how to fix it without canceling your camping plans.

Duct Tape

Yes, it is cheap and tacky, but it is effective. Duct tape will seal any tears in the screens in your pop-up camper, plus you can now buy duct tape in camouflage and various other patterns and colors if you do not want the tacky silver tape look. At the very least, it will keep your screens temporarily fixed until you finish your brief road trip. If you plan to be on the road most of the summer with your pop-up and you will not be returning home for any great length of time, then you may want to try another on-the-road-friendly repair method.

Mesh Screen Repair Kits

You can buy these repair kits at just about any sporting goods or hardware store. Most of them will only repair small tears, but when used according to the directions, you cannot tell that there ever was a rip in the screen. They do cost more than a roll of duct tape, but the results are semi-permanent. This kind of repair should hold until you can get the screen professionally repaired.

Mobile Window Screen Repair

Your other option, and one which is fairly new but taking off, is mobile window screen repair services. These businesses show up to wherever you are and perform immediate repairs on your camper's screens, similar to the auto glass specialists that bring the new windows to you. You can even tell the screen repair service to meet you at your next campground site, further down the road, if you are already traveling that way.

The job may take about an hour or less, depending on the severity of the rip in your camper's screen, but then the screen is completely made new on the spot. This is a more expensive option than buying a screen repair kit and doing the job yourself, but it is also the most permanent solution of the three discussed here. Additionally, the service may be backed by a guarantee against damage for a brief period of time, which may be helpful if you are going to be on the road and camping for longer than a few weeks.

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