Storage Ideas For Closets Around The House

A common lament is lack of closet space -- even if a dwelling features more than enough closet space. However, the problem is often actually that there is not enough closet organization. If you feel like your closets are spilling contents out into the house, reorganize them for maximum efficiency.

Master Bedroom

When it comes to organizing your master closet, it's all about customization. No matter the size of your closet, it must accommodate all your clothing and probably some accessories. One option is installing dual rods so that you can maximize the vertical space. Another idea is having shoe racks built in. In that vein, consider built-in shelving and cabinetry. You can place groupings of specific items -- like belts or scarves -- into fashionable containers to go on the shelves, and you can get specialty inserts to organize things within any cabinetry you have in there. When designing your master closet organization system, evaluate the space and your belongings honestly so that you get all the necessary organizational features that you need.

Children's Bedroom

Some of the same ideas apply to organizing a child's bedroom because the contents are similar. However, when it comes to a child's closet, it's essential to make it easy to avoid clutter. For example, shoe racks should be simple cubbies so your kids can just toss their sneakers inside. Likewise, consider incorporating a built-in laundry hamper so kids have no excuse for letting their clothes languish on the floor.

Linen Closet

Linen closets have to house lots of small supplies and mounds of fabrics. Adjustable shelving is key for linen closet organization. You'll need several narrow shelves for your containers of bathroom supplies. However, taller shelves accommodate stacks of towels. To make the organization system clear, label everything. For example, affix tags to bins to designate the contents, and even tag the shelves to distinguish spots for cleaning supplies and bath towels.


Storage tips, such as adjustable shelving and custom labels, are the same for your kitchen pantry. However, if space allows, consider adding a work surface as well. This allows you to portion out needed ingredients in the pantry instead of having to trek back and forth. Likewise, customize the storage according to your needs, such as with cubbies for small appliances or drawers for specialty utensils.

Hall Closet

Hall closets are typically small, so you have to maximize every inch. Dual rods can be useful here, too, though selecting a removable attachment allows you to customize according to the season. Likewise, attend to the doors by having a system of hooks and rods attached. You can even hang organizers from the hooks to catch small items, while the other hooks and rods serve as space for hanging items such as scarves and umbrellas.

Whether organizing a master closet or a small pantry, customize the storage to maximize the space and accommodate your needs. You can design custom closets with the help of a company like Contemporary Closets of Naples Inc.