Work In Construction? Two Tips To Help You Get Gravel At Affordable Prices

If you work in construction, you understand that gravel is one of the most important tools of the trade.  It's used as construction fill, mixed with asphalt to create roads and helps to construct pipes and concrete blocks.  Because gravel is so essential to your work, you are likely looking for ways to get as much of it as possible at prices that won't break the bank.  Use these tips to help you get the gravel you need to complete your work at prices that you can afford.

Understand Your Gravel Options

Although it may seem that all gravel is essentially the same, this is simply not true.  There are different types and gradations of gravel, and you may find that you're able to save money simply by using a more affordable form of gravel.

For example, you may have a job coming up where you'll need to lay down a new driveway for a customer.  They may have requested that the gravel have a light gray coloring that appears similar to granite.  While you can certainly use crushed granite gravel, this may be expensive to purchase, not to mention that you may have to ship it in from another location, which can be pricey.

Instead use pea gravel.  Pea gravel is readily available in many locations, and is typically more affordable than other forms of gravel.  Pea gravel comes in different colors and can also be dyed so that it replicates the appearance of other, more costly types of granite.

Recycled Gravel Is A Good Choice

Another way for you to save when buying gravel is to go the recycled route.  You can purchase recycled gravel a number of different ways:  From local gravel vendors, at your community recycling center or even online.

Recycled gravel, also known as R.A.P., is a good choice because it costs less than its brand new counterpart, while still being just as durable.  Recycled gravel stands up well to rain and snow without turning into mud in the same way that some of the more expensive forms of gravel tend to do.  Recycled gravel requires minimal maintenance, so you can feel good about performing a job for your clients with a product that won't require so much of their time to maintain.

Getting the gravel you need doesn't have to be overly costly if you know what to do.  The next time you purchase gravel, keep these tips in mind so you can keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket.

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