Fridge Not Working Right? Try These Fixes Before You Call For Repairs

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your house. If you notice something is going wrong with your appliance, before you call a repairman, try using the following tips to get your fridge working well once more.

Brush the Coils

The first thing you might want to try when troubleshooting is to brush the condenser coils. Typically located on the bottom or the back of your refrigerator, these coils collect a lot of dust and debris over time. When that happens, the coils themselves might overheat and your refrigerator might start working less efficiently.

To get things working again, it is a good idea to use a hard-bristled brush to brush the coils so that they aren't covered in debris and dust. Be sure to turn off your refrigerator before doing this. 

Check the Fridge's Thermostat

A warm refrigerator might make you worry that the appliance is broken completely, but there may be some simple things you can do to make the fridge cool again. The first thing to try is to make sure your thermostat is working properly.

To do this, turn the thermostat down significantly. If you don't hear the compressor start up, there might be a problem with the thermostat and it may need to be replaced. This can be done easily enough after you purchase a new replacement thermostat at any home improvement store. You will then have to unscrew the thermostat panel, disconnect the wires from the old unit, and attach the wires to the new one. Finally, reattach the panel. If you turn the thermostat way down and hear the compressor kick in but the refrigerator remains warm, you'll know that there is another problem that needs to be addressed.

Inspect the Refrigerator's Door Gasket

Another reason you may have a warm fridge is that the door gasket (also called the door seal) is frayed and needs to be replaced. Warm air can enter your fridge more easily when there is a problem with the gasket. You may see signs that there is a gasket problem if you notice condensation or mildew on your refrigerator door or on the gasket itself.

If you see that the gasket is ripped or not attached properly, you'll need to get a replacement gasket. Then you need only unscrew the old gasket and screw in the new one so that there is a proper seal and you no longer have to worry about warm air getting into your refrigerator.

Use the information laid out above to see if you can fix some refrigerator problems on your own. If you still need help or have questions about your refrigerator, consult a used appliance repair company, like 5 Corners Appliance Company, that can help you keep your fridge in good working order.