Renting Your Home Out? These Projects Will Protect Your Investment

You've made a good decision to rent your home out as opposed to putting it up for sale – you can take advantage of benefits such as various tax deductions, extra cash flow, and the opportunity to hold onto the home as its value appreciates before putting it on the sales market. But there are some risks that come with being a landlord including the need to make repairs and the chance of damage or vandalism that is costly and time consuming to create a solution for. Luckily, there are quite a few projects you can do around your home before renting it out that will help protect your investment, and may even enable you to command a higher rental rate for the place. Here are a few effective options to consider:

Septic Cleaning

If your home's septic tank gets too full it may back up into the toilets, or worse, poison the leech field on your property. Upon a septic overflow the household's water can become contaminated and the repairs can be pretty costly. For these reasons, it's a good idea to have the septic system cleaned and inspected, by a company like Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning, before tenants move into the place. This will enable you to take care of any cracks or leaks that are found so they don't become worse as time goes on, and ensure that the tank doesn't get too full while tenants are living in the home.

Fence Installation

You can improve the home's look, feel, and safety by installing a privacy fence along the front of the property, if not around the entire perimeter. Whether made of metal or wood, privacy fencing offers effective shelter from high winds and extreme weather, helps to improve landscape décor, and provides some protection for kids and pets when they're playing in the yard. You should find that potential tenants are willing to pay a little more for rent when a fence is part of the deal.

Security Implementation

Installing a security system in the home is a great way to increase its overall perceived value and encourage optimal tenant interest. A security system will also protect your investment long term by minimizing the opportunity for vandalism, ensuring the safety of your appliances and other valuables left for tenants to use, and offering the opportunity to get discounts on your homeowner's insurance rates.  You can recover your monthly surveillance costs by factoring them into your rental rates.

These ideas should be easy to implement, and you'll find that they provide both you and your tenants with long term benefits to enjoy.