Ready-Mixed Concrete Options

Ready-mixed concrete is an extremely convenient option that can make any construction or paving job much easier. However, it's important to understand that not all ready-mixed concrete is the same. Thus, only certain types are suitable or ideal for certain projects. If you want to use ready-mixed concrete for an upcoming job, make sure you understand the different types so that you can choose the right one to meet your needs.

Transit Mixed Concrete

Transit mixed concrete is a simple type of ready-mixed concrete. You just add water to the powder-like substance you receive and then load it into the truck mixer. You can choose to mix the concrete at the job site, while in transit, or in the yard.

If you need flexibility in terms of where you mix your concrete and also want a simple, fast option, this is the way to go. Transit mixed concrete is most commonly used for jobs with multiple concrete needs in different locations across the job-site, since it offers so many different ways and places in which concrete can be poured and used.

Vinyl Fiber Reinforced Concrete

While transit mixed concrete is typically used on big jobs along with a concrete truck, vinyl fiber reinforced concrete can be used for even simple home or small business repairs.

It can be purchased by anyone at most home goods stores and can be used for basic repairs, such as getting rid of cracks in a sidewalk or driveway. In fact, this type of strong concrete, often used for sealant purposes, is frequently referred to as "patching mix" since it's so often used to patch up small areas of damage.

Central Mixed Concrete

Like transit mixed concrete, central mixed concrete is also commonly used on large job sites. Its main difference is that it does require all water-mixing to be done completely and thoroughly before the mixture can be added to the truck mixer.

The truck mixer will agitate the concrete but will not blend the concrete and water, as is the case with transit mixed concrete. This type of concrete is used for jobs which require exact precision, such as floors or surfaces that need to be perfectly smooth. While it does require more work on your part than other types of concrete, it will give you a smooth, even surface to work with.

As you can see, there are a wealth of ready-mix concrete options. These are just a few of many, though they are some of the most common. Do your research, and make sure you always choose the right type of ready mix concrete for your particular job. Talk to a company like Hanover Concrete Company to learn more.