Keep Wildlife From Breaking Into Your Business's Roll-Off Dumpster

If you regularly use a dumpster at your place of business, and you have had incidents where trash has ended up on and around your property because wild animals have been able to get inside, you will need to be diligent in taking steps to prepare your dumpster so it can not be easily accessed. Here are a few ways you can minimize the chance of raccoons, squirrels, possums, or even bears from getting inside. 

Bag Properly

If animals cannot smell anything you had put in your dumpster, they will not be as inclined to try to get inside to find food. When placing anything edible in your dumpster, double-bag it to help cover the odor. Make sure none of the contents spill onto the exterior of the bags as you place it inside. Consider placing some food scraps into a compost pile rather than inside your dumpster. This will save room for other items while allowing you to gain rich soil to be used in gardens or around plants.

Remove Odor

To eliminate tempting smells that come out of your dumpster, add some citrus peels to the container. Place them in small mesh bags and hang them with tape to the interior sides of your dumpster. Switch the peels out every few days to keep the dumpster smelling fresh.

Place a few charcoal briquettes inside your newly delivered roll-off dumpster before you start filling it with trash. These will grab odors from the area when trash sits for an extended time period. Spray trash bags with a light misting of vinegar before placing inside the dumpster. This will help neutralize odor, keeping wildlife away as a result. Always close the lid to your dumpster and place some heavy bricks on top of it to keep smells from escaping and potentially attracting wildlife.

Deter Animals with Light and Sound

Keep wildlife away from your dumpster by placing motion-activated lighting in the area. When the lights turn on, the animals will become startled, running off instead of trying to get inside the container. Place the dumpster near your building instead of far off in an area where wildlife are present. Place a small radio near the dumpster and leave it on during night-time hours so animals hear voices nearby, keeping them away from the area completely. Talk with a place like Metropolis Disposal for more tips at keeping wildlife and pests away from your business's dumpster.