Find Water In Your Basement? Do These Things To Stop Mold

If you noticed you had water running down the foundation of your home and it flooded an area with drywall and carpeting, you need professional help right away. The mold will start to develop in the moisture between 24-48 hours after the water started coming inside your home, and the experts can dry it quickly.

The water is going to get absorbed in a variety of building materials, and the damages will spread quickly. Here are a few things to talk with the water damage restoration company about, so you can get your home cleaned and safe again.

Drying and Cleaning

They will first come in and use heaters, high powered fans and commercial grade dehumidifiers to get all of the moisture out of the basement. Once everything is dried, they will clean the area to kill the mold and other bacteria that could be forming. This helps get rid of the musty smell and other odors in the space. It also stops mold from developing or spreading.


Have a waterproofing agent applied to the foundation of the home so that water doesn't penetrate the concrete. If there is drywall or subflooring that was affected by the flooding but doesn't need to be replaced, have the experts provide a bacteria-killing latex coating over the area. This will prevent further growth and development once the area is covered, and it will cover stains and odors. The sealant will look like a thick paint.

Duct Cleaning

If any of the mold spores got into the furnace filter or in the ventilation system of the home, they could be spreading like wildfire throughout the house. Have the filters changed on your furnace and air conditioning system, and have the ducts cleaned. This is going to improve the quality of air throughout the house, and remove allergens. An HVAC professional can do this if the water damage restoration company doesn't provide the service.

The fan that you use around your home or a small dehumidifying machine isn't going to be enough to dry the carpeting, carpet padding, furniture and other items that got wet from the flooding. Call in the experts right away, and call your home owner's insurance company to see if they take your insurance. The sooner you get a professional in your home, the higher your chances of getting the water and the mold out, and the more items you can save.