About The Cause Of Central Heating Inefficiency & Repair Costs

Have you been struggling with an inefficiency of heat in your house? The problem can stem from the gas furnace, but it can also be as simple as needing to get the duct system cleaned. Find out below about the common reasons why a central heating system becomes inefficient, as well as what repairs may cost.

Why Does Inefficiency Occur with Central Heating in a House?

There is no direct cause for a central heating system to become inefficient, as there are multiple things that can go wrong. When there is no heat coming out of the vents, the furnace may be the root of the problem. For instance, heat produced from a central heating system with a gas furnace is only possible when there is a flame lit in the pilot. If a pilot flame is present, it can still cause problems if the fire is not blue to show that complete combustion is happening. Incomplete combustion will lead to a yellow flame that causes system inefficiency and a high presence of carbon monoxide.

Another reason for heating inefficiency can stem from a dirty or damaged ductwork system. It is possible that a rodent carcass or debris is preventing air from coming out of the vents at full force. The ducts can also be covered in a lot of dirt, especially if you have never invested in getting them cleaned before. The duct system can need a replacement if it is old and full of cracks that cause air to leak out.

The problem can also stem from the electrical wiring connected to the furnace. Keep in mind that even a gas furnace must have electricity to come on. Make sure all of your circuit breakers are turned on in case the one for the furnace has tripped (turned off) without your knowledge.

What Kind of Fees are Required for a Central Heating System Repair?

If your gas furnace is old and needs a replacement, you can expect to pay up to $12,000 plus for a new one. If the ductwork system is responsible for inefficient heat, you are looking to spend up to $15,000 plus to get it replaced. However, the higher end of the scale is based on the repair specialist having to tackle a complex installation job.

Don't fall into having to spend a lot of money on energy costs by allowing your gas heating system to remain in a bad condition. Ask a heating specialist to inspect the problem so the right repairs can be made! To find out more about heating repairs, contact a business like McLaughlin Air Conditioning Co Inc.