Land Surveyors Can Ensure You Know What You're Getting Into

Purchasing an empty plot of land can be rewarding. Empty plots are like a blank canvas you can design in any way you'd like.  However, when you aren't educated on the condition of the land you are purchasing, you might find that your blank canvas has a number of limitations. All land isn't conducive for all projects. Issues with the soil and not having a clear understanding of exactly where your property ends are just a couple of the issues you could face if you fail to have your land surveyed before you purchase.

Soil Problems

Imagine building your dream home only to find that it is sinking or shifting all because of an issue with the soil. Poor quality soil can cause problems with your home's foundation. The soil's absorption rate, bedrock depth, and swell-shrink potential are just a few of the factors that determine if you will have issues with the land. For example, a low soil absorption rate could lead to pooling water around the foundation after a period of heavy rain.

A land surveyor will test your soil and highlight any areas of concern. Having these tests performed is very important. Poor soil poses serious safety issues because it decreases the structural integrity of your home and you might end up having problems with buckling doors or floors. Even more significant is that your home could collapse. None of these are issues you want to deal with.

Prevent a Violation

Once you've built a home on your property, the last thing you want is an annoying neighbor violating your space. In some instances you might not even be aware that your neighbor is violating your space simply because you don't have a clear understanding of your property lines. Having your land surveyed can ensure you know exactly where your land ends and begins.

In addition to preventing someone from infringing on your space, this service can also be helpful should you want to expand the size of your home later on down the line, such as by adding an additional garage. The land survey will give you a clearer idea of where you can actually build. Having your land surveyed can also help you avoid a time-consuming and costly legal property battle should any concerns about your property line arise in the future.

A land surveyor like DC Gohn Associates Inc Surveyors & Engineers can help you ensure you're purchasing a property that is actually going to meet your needs. Don't purchase a plot of land without having it surveyed first.