How To Transform Your Boring Closet Into A Cedar Closet In Four Easy Steps

Cedar closets have always been a way to keep moths and other cloth-eating pests from destroying your clothes. The cedar also makes your clothes smell warm and woodsy, a scent many people enjoy. If you do not have a cedar closet, it is very easy to transform one (or all!) of your closets into a cedar closet.

Step 1: Measure the Width, Length and Depth of the Closet 

Measure all the dimensions of the closet you want to transform. If the closet is unusually shaped, measure at each point inside where the closet gets larger or smaller, because you will have to cut cedar lumber to fit. Make a diagram if you need help remembering the dimensions of the closet. If you are transforming more than one closet, write down all of the dimensions for each one.

Step 2: Deciding Which Direction to Install the Cedar Planks

Before you step out to buy your lumber and install it into the closet, you need to decide if you want the planks in the vertical position, or if you want to install them clapboard (horizontal) style. If you install them vertically, then you might have to shave a little off the sides of a few boards to fit them into the corners. If you go with clapboard style, all of your boards have to be cut short to install them horizontally.

Step 3: Buying the Cedar Lumber

Cedar planks that are at least three to four inches wide and a half inch to a full inch thick are best suited to this project. Make sure all the lumber you buy is the same width and thickness. Some lumber yards sell multiple lengths and/or are willing to cut lumber to the size you need. Getting the lumber cut to fit at the lumber yard helps reduce the number of hours you spend cutting it yourself, but there may be a nominal charge involved if you want all of your planks cut right there. Visit for more information.

Step 4: Install the Cedar Planks Using Wood Screws

You can use nails, but wood screws will securely attach your cedar planks to the stud boards behind your closet walls as well as empty drywall spaces. If you use a power drill with a screwdriver bit, you can install your planks quickly and easily as the drill will drive the screws straight through. Additionally, if you make a mistake placing a board, you can reverse the drive on the drill and take the screw out without bending it or cracking the plank.

Adding Your Own Finishing Touches

The addition of a cedar pole or two allows you to hang clothes. However, you may decide that you want cedar drawers in your closet, which you can build and install like a bureau. There are many additional cedar closet components you can buy from a home improvement store to make your new cedar closet your very own.