Cabin Maintenance: Keeping Up With Roof Repairs When You Only Visit Annually

A cabin in the woods is a great way to get away and relax. Some people only visit their cabins during the warmer months, while others use their cabins during hunting season or for winter recreation. If you do not visit your cabin for long stretches at a time, you may be surprised to discover that it has a roofing issue. Here are some approaches to prevent serious damage to your vacation/ getaway property:

Preparing Your Cabin for Winter

If you do not use your cabin in the winter, consider going there in late fall to prepare it for the colder months ahead. Doing so involves checking the roof for leaks, holes, and loose shingles, as well as any wild animals that may have decided to take up residence in the attic.

When you notice some roofing issues during this annual preparation, you can hire a roofing contractor to repair them before the winter makes them worse.

Opening up Your Cabin in Spring

Regardless of your winter preparations, you should check on your cabin again in the spring. Leaving it vacant for long stretches practically gives animals permission to set up house there by chewing through the sides and roof of the place. You may need to call your roofing contractor back in for any damages that animals, snow and ice caused in your absence.

You can also take this time to clear away any branches, leaves and twigs that fell on the roof during rough winter storms. Removing the debris will help you see where your roof might need additional maintenance or repairs.

Checking on Your Cabin After Rough Weather Reports

When you hear that a tornado or high winds have circled the area near your cabin, you should definitely plan on making a trip to it to see if the cabin is still standing. Sometimes high winds and tornadic activity can drop trees and heavy branches on your cabin's roof, causing it to collapse partially or entirely. If you cannot make it to your cabin to check on it, ask a roofing contractor to check on it for you. He or she will let you know if there is any serious damage to report and what it will cost to fix it.

Roof Repair and Replacement on Your Cabin

Usually, you do not need to be present for smaller external repairs on your cabin, but if the damage extends inward, you will have to make an appearance. Also, if you plan on completely replacing your cabin's roof, you will have to plan in advance to be in the vicinity of your cabin. For this reason, most people plan their vacation time at their cabins around any necessary repairs.

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