Preventing And Repairing Water Damage On Wooden Siding

The great thing about adding wooden siding to your existing exterior sidewalls is the fact that it can make your entire property more energy efficient. Wooden siding can add a layer of thermal protection to your sidewall, preventing your home from quickly heating up in summer days. Of course, wooden sidewalls will also make your home look much more attractive and unique. However, wooden siding needs to be properly cared for to protect against water damage. This article will explain how to spot and repair water damage on your wood siding. If you spot the problem early, you can fix it before it becomes severe and expensive.

Keep the Wood Sealed

Exterior wood sealants and stains are common. Many stains and paints have built-in sealants that waterproof the wood. These are very effective but they wear off over time. This results in the wood color fading and makes the wood less waterproof and weather resistant. You should probably restain exterior wooden siding every 5 years, or more often if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.

Fixing Holes Before they Become a Major Problem

Even if the wood is repeatedly sealed, there could be problem areas that need to be fixed. Fixing holes and scratches in wood siding is easy. The first step in filling the holes is cleaning them out. The hole should be smooth so the new putty sticks to the hole. You can use sandpaper to lightly smooth out the hole and the area around it. Also, wipe down the hole with a wet rag to remove any dust or wood shavings.

Use a heavy duty wood putty that is waterproof. Find a putty that matches the tint of your wood stain. It does not need to match perfectly because you will need to restain the area later. Use a simple putty knife to flatten the putty and make the surface flat with the wood. You might also need to smooth out the dried putty with sandpaper. Try to match the texture with the natural texture of the wood so the patch looks natural. After the hole is filled you need to reseal the wood exterior stain.

Wooden siding is a great addition to any home. If you care for it and restain it every several years, wood is a great siding material. Fix small holes before they become damaged by water and turn into a much larger problem.