Easy Ways For New Homeowners To Prevent Fires

If you have recently purchased a new home and you worry about the house being at the risk of a fire, you want to have a few of the following items inspected. A house fire can occur at any time, but preventative measures can help you worry less. You want to have all appliances with gas lines in the home examined, and you also need to have the hood exhaust system cleaned.

Furnace and Ventilation Cleaning and Inspection

There are different aspects of the heating and ventilation system that can be a safety hazard. If the furnace and the ducts have never been cleaned or inspected, you could have a lot of fire hazards. There could be corroded gas pipes that put the home at the risk of a gas leak or a fire, and there could be a buildup of debris in the filters or the ducts.

The inspection and cleaning will include changing the filters, having all of the dust and debris removed from the ducts, oiling the gears and checking the electrical components.

Hot Water Tank Gas Inspection

If you have a traditional hot water tank that uses natural gas to heat water for the home, this is another gas line you want to have examined. Make sure that the pipes are safe, and make sure there aren't items around the hot water tank that can get trapped and catch fire. The expert will also examine the pilot chamber.

Hood Exhaust Cleaning

You don't know if the hood exhaust system in the kitchen has ever been cleaned since it was installed. This means there could be a lot of grease trapped along the walls of the system, along with other debris which causes fire hazards. Have the exhaust system cleaned out so you don't have to worry about a kitchen or house fire in your new space.

To help prepare yourself in case a fire or gas leak does occur in your home, make sure you have a gas and smoke detector. This can help warn you to get out of the home to safety, or prevent you from coming home to danger without knowing it. There are a lot of different things that can cause a fire in your home, but these are a few things that you can easily have examined with the help of professionals from a company like Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp to reduce your risks of becoming a victim of a house fire.